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What’s Your Favourite Space?

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Personal Space NeedsIf you don’t already know, I recently launched a 6 week visual campaign to inspire others with the things that inspire me.

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We all need heaps of encouragement and support to help us thrive in life, so I’m sharing the six steps that I use to thrive, day to day.

Step 4: Accommodate Your Personal Space Needs

It has been said that if you like the company you keep, then you are very much the space you live in. We all need a place of refuge; a place of solace; a place where we can recharge, regroup, relax, and let ourselves be ourselves. My space reflects who I am now and what my interests are. Set up your space to reflect you, your life progress, and your emerging dreams. Put pictures in your space of people that you love and trinkets of happy memories scattered throughout.

So, I would love to know, how do you accommodate your need for personal space? What are you favourite spaces?
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