Organize and Socialize

Organize and Socialize

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If you don’t already know, I recently launched a 6 week visual campaign to inspire others with the things that inspire me.

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We all need heaps of encouragement and support to help us thrive in life, so I’m sharing the six steps that I use to thrive, day to day.

Step 5: Organize and SocializeOrganize and Socialize

Coping with change and adversity is difficult. Stress brings out different responses in all of us, and most commonly people turn inward and stop socializing. One of the greatest signs that recover is taking place is when you move from isolation to enjoying other. Socializing can take lots of energy, or you can become filled with new life and reenergized from spending time in a social setting. The key is, to notice which social settings provide you with energy, and which ones drain you. Remember though, you must have something to offer your friends and family to keep the relationship from stagnating. So, take stock and make sure that you’re reorganizing yourself and socializing in settings where you can give and receive new life.

So, I would love to know, how do you socialize? How do your social circles provide you with the energy to thrive?
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