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We're doing a pop up for charity

But first ...

It’s such a joy for me to blog and to re-connect with you virtually today.

Over the past year, there have been a number of wonderful things brewing, and of course, a few health challenges that took me offline all together.

I met and married my soulmate, Daryl Idiens; moved three times; and, gave birth to our wonderful daughter Mia, who will be a one year old this December.

There were a few health complications that I experienced since Mia’s birth, which led me in and out of the hospital again. In that time I lost touch with many of my friends and community members.

However, today, I’m delighted to share that I’m on the mend again and am excited to reveal my next big project with you before the end of the year. Stay tuned for more :)

But before that …

Please join Mia’s fundraising event as we raise money and awareness for the EB community at DEBRA Canada.

DEBRA Canada is a nonprofit organization providing support for families affected by the skin disease Epidermolysis Bulosa (EB) and to increasing Canadian’s awareness of this challenging disease branded “the most painful condition you’ve NEVER heard of” http://debracanada.org

My daughter Amelia Idiens (Mia) was born last December 2014 perfectly healthy and happy. Within hours of Mia’s birth her skin formed blisters and she was diagnosed with EB. This is a hereditary skin disease and as I have EB myself, I passed the condition along to my daughter. Mia is the third generation with EB in our family as my Father had it too. EB is often referred to as the ‘Butterfly Disease’ because some strains of the condition make a person’s skin as delicate as a butterfly’s wings. The disease can be quite challenging and therefore I knew I wanted to rally around the cause by supporting and empowering Mia’s lifelong journey as a person with EB.

As any new Mom will share, post-pregnancy bodies change after the glorious job of carrying a baby to term. After giving birth myself, I decided to embrace my new fuller figure and life change as a new Mom by donating all of my clothes and accessories to a beloved hometown consignment store to help raise money and awareness for EB. All money raised over the two day Pop-up Shop for Charity will be donated on Mia’s behalf to DEBRA Canada.

Please join in on the fun and come play in my closet to help support Mia and the EB community.

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    Pop-Up Shop for Charity

    Saturday November 7th, 10am-6pm
    + Sunday November 8th, 11am-5pm.

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    By Consignment

    115 Trafalgar Road. Oakville, Ontario.

    All clothes and accessories are Top Brand Names and Designer Items including: Chanel, Gucci, Escada, Michael Kors, Pink Tartan, Theory and many more.

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    4 Racks

    1- $5 per item or 6 items for $25
    2- $20 per item or 4 items for $50
    3- $30 per item or 4 items for $100
    4- $50 per item or 4 items for $150

Much love,

Please RSVP