Jameson Friedman and Melissa

The Honour of Being a Godmother

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Jameson Friedman and MelissaAt 33 years old, most of my friends are getting engaged or already married, having their first or their second baby, on the cusp of the career of their dreams, or already there. It’s a very special time in our lives when we are growing into our adult lives fully, and embracing who we really are. And although my life at 33 isn’t what I thought it would be when I was 23, I am growing to love who I am and who I am not with time. As a matter of fact, my thirties feel like my twenties. My actual twenties were spend in hospital beds and in recovery.

And just when I think I’m not in the right place or where I “should” be, I get honoured with another blessing. My best friend Devon Friedman and her husband have honoured me as the godmother of their second child, newborn baby Jameson Friedman.

This is the second time I’ve been asked to be a godmother. My first godson Dylann was born November 4th 2008, the same year my Father passed. Her dad Donovan and I went through high school together and when he met his life partner Vera, I was honoured they chose me as godmother of their first child.

I am so honoured and humbled by both Devon and Donovan’s love and this wonderful responsibility to these two children. Just when I feel weak, or like I’m not doing enough for myself, I am honoured for the the strong woman and the example that they see me being for their son. What a privilege.

This post is about gratitude, for what you have and what you can still create right now when you choose to. And a little inspiration to all those twenty-somethings at the cusp of their thirties, and even late-blooming thirty-somethings, a thought-provoking TedTalk by Meg Jay: Why 30 is not the new 20.

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